SASOL De-Bottlenecking

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LeadEPC was awarded the Electrical De-bottlenecking project at Substation 100-SS-10. The works include a Civil scope of work that entails changes to the existing Sub-station building to allow space for the new Switchboard to be installed. The Switchboard was obtained from ABB, Manufactured in Germany. Both LeadEPC and SASOL executed FAT tests in the factory in Germany.

Scope of Work:

  • Civil works.
  • Three Transition boxes for 20D Boiler A Cable/Busbar System
  • New Switchboard 100-EE-1037 inside Substation 100-SS-10
  • 525V Power Cabling
  • 6.6kV Power Cabling
  • 231V Power Cabling
  • 110VDC Power Cabling
  • AC and DC Distribution Boards
  • Light fittings in and around Substation 100-SS-10, including the Cabling, Main Earthing points and rods.
  • PQ Substation HVAC System.